Story About Us

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia.

Our family love animals. We have been involved in breeding and showing for over 30 years, with pedigrees including German Shepherds, cattle, sheep, horses and rabbits.

16 years ago I decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition to breed cats and when I discovered the Ragdoll breed I immediately fell in love. The Ragdoll breed might better be described as a hybrid between a dog and a cat. The physical affection, playfulness and genuine warmth displayed by every cat never loses its appeal.

We are a small exclusive cattery focused only on the one breed. All our cats are DNA tested for a full diseases and traits screen. They are free of HCM and PKD (Heart and kidney issues that can cause early death). Our cattery is tested free for FIV and Felv.  

We have special indoor/outdoor enclosures for our studs. The female cats live predominately in the family home but have access to outdoor cat runs. When our queens have kittens they live in the house and the kittens are raised as part of the family.

At Silhouette Ragdolls we are dedicated to breeding healthy Ragdolls Cats from traditional bloodlines. Every cat is true to type with strong emphasis being placed on the laid back temperament, size, eye colour, and engaging personality.

We specialise in a limited range of colours of Seal, Blue and Lilac because I prefer those colours for the show bench.

We are members of the Feline Control Council Victoria and actively involved in the Birman Ragdoll and Associated Breeds club.  Each of these organisations validates the exceptional standard found in our breeding program. Awards have included many Best of Breed, Best in Group, Best in Show, Supreme Exhibit in Ring and Supreme Longhair in Show.

Since 2012 our cats have been awarded between 1st-3rd positions in Group 1 Cat of the Year.  In 2018 our home-bred boy Phantom was selected as the promotional cat for Melbourne Royal Show. We are very proud of our achievements, particularly the awards at Nationals both ACF and CCCA and under many International judges.

Our cattery is Registered with the Victorian Government Pet Exchange and we have the required Source Number which allows the cattery to legally advertise and sell our Cat/Kittens


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