History of the breed


Ann Baker of Riverside, California USA, developed the Ragdoll breed in the early 1960’s. Ann wanted to develop a cat with an extraordinary personality and a wonderful disposition – the perfect house cat. A pure white Angora cat Josephine, a Seal Mitted type male, Daddy Warbucks, and a black cat, Blackie, believed to be of domestic cat descent were used to create the Ragdoll breed.

Ann insisted Josephine’s genes were altered after being hit by a car as her kittens born after the accident had interactive, loving personalities and would go limp in your arms, earning the “Ragdoll”name. Denny and Laura Dayton went on to play a major role in the successfully development of the Ragdoll breed recognised today.

Today the Ragdolls are stunningly beautiful in appearance and have personality to match; they are loyal, very trusting and extremely friendly.


The Ragdoll is a semi-long haired, blue-eyed cat with a sweet personality.

A slow maturing breed and may take up to 3-4 years to reach full colour and weight.

Ragdoll males are large. An altered male may reach 9kg or more. Females are proportionately smaller usually averaging 4-6kg.


Ragdolls are a pointed breed and always have blue eyes. They have a darker colour on their ears, tail, legs, and mask with a lighter shade of the same colour to the rest of their bodies.

Traditional Ragdoll colours are Blue (slate gray) and Seal (dark brown).
Non-traditional or “new” colours are Lilac, Chocolate, Red, Cream and Tortie.


Ragdolls come in three beautiful distinct patterns available in all colours.

The Colourpoint Ragdoll has darker point colours on their ears, tail, legs, and mask with a lighter variation of the same colour to their body.

The Mitted Ragdoll has the same colour distribution as the Colourpoint but with matching white mittens on the front feet and white boots extending about mid-thigh on the back legs. They have a white chin and chest with a white strip running down the abdomen. Mitted may also have a blaze of white on their forehead or nose.

The Bicolour (meaning two colours) Ragdoll has darker points to their ears, tail, and mask with their backs displaying a lighter variation of the same colour.

The Bicolour has an inverted white “V” of varying heights and widths inside of the mask on their face. Their chins, chest, front and back legs, and belly are mostly or all white.


The Ragdoll coat is medium to long in length and is soft, silky, and almost bunny-like in texture. Their coat is almost non-matting, and easily maintained with a regular weekly light groom, increased to at least twice weekly during the shedding seasons.

Regular nail trimming is encouraged at least twice a month. Although Ragdolls are not destructive cats and prefer to use a scratching post this will help prevent any undesirable accidental clawing incidents.

Temperament and Characteristics

The Ragdoll is bred for its personality, they are relaxed, generally happy, and many going limp in your arms and floppy like a stuffed Ragdoll, their namesake.

Ragdolls are outgoing cats, with a loving nature and laidback disposition. They are known for their tolerant attitudes with other animals and children. Ragdolls are very social, easy to train and love to play.

Ragdolls are highly domesticated and many do not possess the “fight” instinct nor do they use their claws for self-defence.
For these reasons the Ragdoll must be a strictly indoor cat or in a secure outdoor enclosure!
Ragdolls are often compared to dogs because of their friendliness, intelligence, often successfully taught to play fetch and walk on a harness.  Their loyalty to you will find them waiting at the door for you to return home. They will follow you from room to room and insist on “helping” you with all of your tasks. Kittens are very active and can be naughty.

Although the temperaments and characteristics described are true to the Ragdoll breed in general each Ragdoll is a unique individual and will develop their own blend of some or many of the characteristics described.

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