Our Girls


Blue Mitted

Shimmer is a show marked Blue Mitted pattern. She comes from South Australia and has great imported lines in her pedigree, great boning, strong head and chin. She is one of those cats where you only have to look at her and she starts to purring madly.


Seal Mitted

This lovely young girl, show marked is a daughter of our retired Dbl Grand Ch Dreamtime Doll and Perla Dolls Mojo (Imp GR), Desi also made her debut as a kitten at the 2019 Cat Lovers and loved all by all. She has her mothers size, good eye colour and no fuss affectionate personality. Desi gets on with everyone including the dogs. We are looking forward to her first litter early this season


Lilac Bi colour

Skye brings together well know lines from Australia and Europe. She is the daughter of Blossom and Mojo. Skye is a large girl with super boning and size. She has an outgoing temperament and sweet personality. She loves everyone  and made her debut as a kitten at Cat Lovers 2019. Skye assisted Dr Chris Brown and Dr Katrina Warren with their presentations and during my own talks for the breed showcase. We eagerly await her first kittens.


Blue Tabby Bi colour

Yanna comes from Azragbey cattery in Czechoslovakia.She was imported by our daughter of Supasweet Ragdolls as her foundation queen. We have been thrilled with the quality of her kittens. The pattern has been stable. Yanna is very affectionate and sweet natured.


Blue Bi Colour

Blossom is a show marked Blue Bi Colour girl, she is a high mitted bi colour born January 2018 and will be a future queen for our stud, Blossom combines the best of Australia and European bloodlines. 

Although Blossom is a show quality kitten by far her stand out feature is her super personality we just love her


Lilac Point

Christianna is a Lilac point girl born in September 2016 she has that SWEET look and  outstanding eye colour and shape. Currently with her newly arrived second litter she is a super mum, the kittens from her first litter were excellent

Pawdrey Hepburn

Blue Tabby Bi colour

Princess Pawdrey! By name and nature. Affectionate on her own terms but an absolute stunner. She is Yanna and Mojo’s daughter and retained by our daughter for her breeding program. Pawdrey excelled at the few shows she was able to attend in 2019 as a kitten with numerous Best of Breed and several Best of Group awards. She also went to Cat Lovers 2019 and admired by all. We eagerly await her first litter







Seal Mitted

Touche is a show marked Seal Mitted. She does not carry dilute so helps to bring seal back into our program. Her father came from the Bluegrass cattery in the USA. She was bred in South Australia. Touche’s first litter of 3 to Mojo were varied and fabulous. They stole the show at a photo shoot we attended. Super temperament and lovely big kittens.







Blue Tabby Bi colour

Lyla was a singleton kitten from Dolls final litter before retirement Her Dad is Mojo. We could not believe our luck, Lyla is show marked high mitted blue tabby bi colour female. Exactly what we wanted. Lyla stole our hearts and has been retained for our future breeding programme. She is very affectionate, playful and always seeking to sit with us to pest like proportions